How Does a Day Go By/Pass in the Dormitory?


When you get up in the morning you can start the day fresh by going down to the gym.

After the workout you get back up yo your room, take a got shower and get ready for school.

Besides the open buffet with 24 kinds of food for breakfast, that is prepared for you and your friends, you can eat the food  the cook has cooked exclusively for that day.

Before going to school you might come to us and have a conversation, maybe talk about how much you have missed your family. Or you can talk about he things that is not going well in the dormitory and request it to be solved.

You take the shuttle in front of the dorm, get off in front of the school, have a cup of tea with your friends and then go to the class.

After your classes are done you can take the shuttle in front of the school,  maybe get off at the start of the street the dorm is located and shop for your needs and walk to the dorm. Maybe you you are tired and you can directly go to the dorm.

You can go to our cafe and have dinner and go out to the garden to a have a cup of coffee with your friends.

When it is time to study you might study in your room on your private desk or at the study room. With limitless high-speed internet, you can enjoy limitless research.

Maybe you might want to get rid of your fatigue at the end of the day by calling your dormitory friends to the sauna and the turkish bath.

At the end of the night, you can lie down on your bed in your excellent room, which was cleaned when you were at school, and have a nice sleep after sending a good night text to your family, who knows that you are safe.

And he day starts again…

If it is the weekend, we can have our breakfast together until noon and maybe have a karaoke party at night.

Maybe we might go to a tour of the bosphorus or the islands… At the very least we can have a picnic and play ball and jump rope.